I’ve read all these reviews about plastic knife sheaths that are not felt lined, scratching the knife’s blade. How can a much softer material like plastic, scratch one as hard as steel? I looked into this and found that a softer material could scratch a harder one, but it didn’t say how much harder. You would need to rub it repeatedly in the same spot. This is not the case with the scratches I find. They are fine singularly made ones that appear next to each other. Like they were made in just one pass. I took an area of the blade and with my knife guard rubbed it hard. Plastic transferred to the blade. I wiped it off with a cloth but there were no scratches. So, what’s going on? Particles that are abrasive may be getting trapped in the sheath. The biggest concern with getting scratches is the care you take during sharpening and do wipe off the blade.